Q: ​What are the benefits of a lawn sprinkler system versus hand watering?

A: You will no longer waste your valuable time and energy dragging hoses and watering cans around the yard.  Set your controller and let your system do the work, even when you're away from home.  Efficient water usage is another benefit of a lawn sprinkler system.  A properly designed and installed sprinkler system delivers a consistent amount of water to each area, every time.  Some customers even see a savings on their water bill.  Sprinkler systems prevent over watering and watering of unnecessary areas such as sidewalks, patios and driveways, which in turn saves water and money.

Q: How long should I water?

A: No two yards are alike. You should water until you start to see run off. This will insure that you are getting enough water to develop a strong root system. If you do not water long enough, the roots will not need to go deep, which will leave you with a shallow root system and weak lawn. Always start watering at the highest point of your yard if it is not flat. The water will then run down to the lower points, leaving you to water those areas for a shorter time.

Q: How often should I water?

A: For a green, healthy lawn, your lawn should be getting 1" of water per week. Use a rain gauge to measure to make sure you are watering enough, but not over watering, which can lead to disease and other problems with your lawn.

Q: When is the best time of day to water?

A: Water between midnight and 7:00 am to maximize your watering. Watering later in the day can leave the grass too wet which can cause disease problems. 

Q: What is a rain sensor?
A: A rain sensor is a device that can be added to your sprinkler system to prevent it from running during and after rain.  When a predetermined amount of precipitation has fallen, the rain sensor will stop the system from running.  Once the rain sensor has dried out, the system will automatically resume operation as it is programmed.  

Q: ​Do I need to winterize my system?

A: Winterizing is one of the most important things you can do for your sprinkler system. Even if you have drained your irrigation system, some water remains and can freeze, expand, and crack pipes and fittings.  Freeze damage results in costly repairs that can be easily avoided by winterizing your system each fall.

Q: ​What if I change my landscaping?
A: Landscaping changes, plant growth, fences added, patios, decks, driveway and sidewalk extensions can all affect your sprinkler system. If things have changed, we can make renovations that will maximize your sprinkler system to work the best it can for you.

Q: What is drip irrigation or container watering?
A: Planter boxes, container plantings, or landscape beds that are not reached by sprinkler heads can still be watered by your sprinkler system on a drip system or drip zone. 

Q: ​How can I get an estimate for a sprinkler system?
A: Call our office at 913-681-2798.  Jeremy will design a custom system for your property that is specific to what you are wanting and needing out of a lawn sprinkler system.  Properly designed, installed and efficient irrigation systems can greatly reduce water usage, save money, and promote healthy lawns. 

Q: ​What is a backflow prevention device and why does it need to be tested?
A: Backflow prevention devices are used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution. Most cities or water departments have established guidelines on the type of backflow preventers to install and the required testing. If you receive a letter from your city or water department informing you that you need your backflow device tested, we have certified technicians that can provide the proper testing for your type of backflow.

Q: What are other products to use with my sprinkler system?
A: There is a large range of options for your sprinkler system. Adding a rain sensor can allow you to water more efficiently. New controllers can now be accessible by an app on your smart phone, allowing you to monitor your sprinkler system while you are away from home. By changing sprinkler heads or nozzles, you can get better water coverage that's also more efficient. Adding a drip zone or container irrigation can take the work out of dragging hoses. 

Q: What other services does Pro H2O provide?
A: Pro H2O not only designs, installs, maintains and services lawn sprinkler systems; we also perform backflow device testing and driveway and sidewalk boring.